Buy an unprotected version of our World Cup 2022 Spreadsheet

We have made available, through, an unprotected version of our free downloadable World Cup 2022 Qatar spreadsheet to buy. You can buy the unprotected spreadsheet for just the price of a coffee.

Buy the unprotected World Cup 2022 finals spreadsheet

The unprotected version of our World Cup 2022 spreadsheet allows you to see how we calculate the positions of the teams in the Group stage tables. You can also see the logic used to determine how the Knockout stage progression works, all the way to the final.

You can buy the spreadsheet at our shop which is here

The unprotected version of the spreadsheet has both workbook and sheet protection removed so you will be able to see all of the algorithms used. The spreadsheet only uses Excel functions so is an .xlsx file. No VB is used so you can be sure there are no hidden viruses.

Thanks for supporting us and have a great World Cup 2022

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