Downloadable UEFA EURO 2024 spreadsheet

UEFA EURO 2024 Germany Spreadsheet

Our UEFA EURO 2024 Germany spreadsheet is available for a small £1 fee from Click on the link below to purchase our spreadsheet.

The EURO 2024 spreadsheet works out all of the Group tables from results you enter. You can use this to predict who will progress to the knockout stage of the competition. The EURO 2024 spreadsheet goes on to accurately determine the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final teams allowing you to again determine who will win the competition.

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Did you know you can also buy an unlocked version of our soccer UEFA EURO 2024 Germany spreadsheet. This EURO 2024 spreadsheet has all worksheet and workbook protection removed and is available from In it you can see how we have worked out how to rank the teams in the the group tables and how teams progress through the knockout stages of the UEFA EURO 2022 Germany finals. This is available here:

Both spreadsheets have now been updated with the EURO 2024 playoff winners, Poland, Ukraine and Georgia.

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